Project Type Duration Period ABC Post date
PGH PUR16-08-1311 Construction Materials To Submit Quotation PHP104,430.00 2016-09-30
PGH PUR16-09-1410 (Tire) To Submit Quotation PHP76,800.00 2016-09-30
PGH PUR16-08-1324 (IT Parts/Supplies) To Submit Quotation PHP370,000.00 2016-09-30
PGH PUR16-09-1348 (Tools) To Submit Quotation PHP202,750.00 2016-09-30
PGH PUR16-08-1269 Printer for MRD To Submit Quotation PHP380,000.00 2016-09-29
PGH PUR16-08-1310 Medical Supplies - Microtainer Tubes To Submit Quotation PHP351,118.25 2016-09-29
INSTALLATION OF NEW SERVICE ENTRANCE AND TAPPING TO MERALCO, College of Nursing, UP Manila To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid 30 calendar days PHP4,348,150.38 2016-09-27
RELOCATION OF GENSET AT NATIOANL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH (NIH) To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid 45 Calendar Days PHP3,222,460.89 2016-09-27
Supply of Various IT Equipment To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid PHP4,019,900.00 2016-09-27
“AS IS, WHERE IS” To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid 2016-09-27
PGH PUR16-08-1223 Gen. Mdse (Metal Flush Door) To Submit Quotation PHP55,000.00 2016-09-23
PGH PUR16-08-1115 Ofc Eqpt (Locker) Pharmacy To Submit Quotation PHP55,500.00 2016-09-23
PGH PUR16-08-1222 Office Eq. (Locker) To Submit Quotation PHP84,000.00 2016-09-23
PGH PUR16-09-1386 Office Equipment To Submit Quotation PHP130,400.00 2016-09-23
PGH PUR16-03-0184 Medical Supplies (DOPS) To Submit Quotation PHP138,800.00 2016-09-23
RENOVATION OF ROOM 125 – 126, Ground Floor, National Institute of Health, UP Manila To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid 90 Calendar Days PHP1,146,594.67 2016-09-23
REHABILITATION & SERVICE MAINTENANCE OF PGH BOSCH PLENA VOICE ALARM & PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM(re-bid) To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid 75 Calendar Days PHP1,500,000.00 2016-09-23
PGH PUR16-09-1335/1340 Printer To Submit Quotation PHP49,600.00 2016-09-22
PGH PUR16-06-0754 & PUR16-06-0774 To Submit Quotation PHP90,000.00 2016-09-21
PGH PUR16-05-0652 & PUR16-05-0654 LED MICROS & Biological Safety Cabinet To Submit Quotation PHP490,000.00 2016-09-21