Project Type Duration Period ABC Post date
RFP PUR17-11-1565 Vacutainer Needle Phlebotomy Dept. of Laboratories, PGH To Negotiate PHP120,000.00 2018-06-25
RFP PUR18-05-0629 Catheter, Needle Supply Sec. PSD , PGH To Negotiate PHP328,944.00 2018-06-25
RFP PUR18-05-0580 Cardiac Cathlab, Dept. of Medicine PGH To Negotiate PHP119,400.00 2018-06-25
RFP PUR18-02-0147 PGH Cathlab Pack, Cardiac Cathlab Dept of Medicine, PGH To Negotiate PHP525,000.00 2018-06-25
RFP PUR18-05-0584 Pressure Lines, etc. Cardiac Cathlab, Dept of Medicine PGH To Negotiate PHP354,640.00 2018-06-25
RFP PUR18-06-0690 / TB FLUORESCENT KIT (MED-MRL) To Negotiate SINGLE BID PHP58,926.00 2018-06-22
RFP PUR18-06-0685 / FECAL OCCULT BLOOD TEST, etc. (LAB-MICROSCOPY) To Negotiate SINGLE BID PHP65,271.00 2018-06-22
RFP PUR18-06-0647 / LAB GOWN (PHARMACY) To Negotiate Single bid PHP26,000.00 2018-06-22
Supply of AUV/CUV and Passenger Van To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid PHP6,050,000.00 2018-06-20
Supply of Various Online Print Subscription To Submit Quotation PHP737,187.00 2018-06-20
Supply of Infinium HD iSelect 24 Kit To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid PHP1,522,348.00 2018-06-20
RFP PUR17-05-0947 Cloxacillin sodium 500mg cap Pharmacy, PGH To Submit Quotation PHP74,880.00 2018-06-20
RFP PUR18-04-0389 Infusion Filter, etc. ( Dept. of Pharmacy) To Submit Quotation PHP787,785.00 2018-06-20
SUPPLY AND INSTALL OF OFFICE FURNITURE FOR FACULTY ROOM AND LRC, 2nd Floor SHS Palo Admin Building University of the Philippines Manila To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid PHP1,498,677.42 2018-06-19
PROPOSED CAMP BUILDING ADDITIONAL FLOOR College of Allied Medical Profession univeristy of the philippines manila To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid 2018-06-19
SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AIRCONDITIONING UNIT, EIGHT (8) STOREY DORM, UP MANILA To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid PHP3,258,834.88 2018-06-19
Supply of Infinium Methylation Epic Beadchip (32 Samples) To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid PHP7,475,148.80 2018-06-19
Supply of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Variant NBS Analyzer To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid PHP12,000,000.00 2018-06-19
RFP PUR18-06-0673 / ECG WIRES (NEUROSCIENCES) To Negotiate Single bid PHP265,250.00 2018-06-18
RFP PUR18-06-0660 / ADDING MACHINE (PHARMACY) To Negotiate Single bid PHP346,000.00 2018-06-18