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Supply of Newborn Screening Blood Collection Card with Customized Printed form

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To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid
Brief Description: 

- Strong Adhesive part/ non-detachable filter paper
- Must be a CDC recommended paper for neonatal screening
- Product manufactured under good manufacturing practices (GMP)
- Available in more than one printing color
- Provision of barcodes; barcodes can adapt NSC-NIH barcode system

One format with two (2) Parts
Overall Height Size: - 4'' (101.6mm)
Overall Width size: - 9 1/8'' (231.8)
Part I
Printed card in series (to be provided by end-user prior to production)

Part II
Filter paper with lot number, expiry date and sample ID portion for NSC use.

4-spot card, internal diameter – ½''
Paper type
Part I
Ahlstrom 226 or equivalent, FDA approved and CDC Reviewed

Part II
100% pure cotton fibers with no additives; PH: 5.7-7.5; ash content 0.1% max.
Nominal basis weight: 179 gsm

Specific Lay out and Inclusions
For Part 1:
Size of printed card at 8 1/16 (204.79mm).
- 0.37'' (9.5mm) width adhesive part to hold the filter paper.
- 2 sets of barcode and serial number with 1 set printed on a 9/16'' detachable stub with adhesive backing.
- 1 set of barcode and serial number printed diagonally on a 0.37'' (9.5mm) width at the leftmost part of the card, overlapping with the filter paper part. Perforated/detachable with adhesive part to hold the filter paper.
- Contains instruction for heel prick and specimen collection.
- Adhesive backing for a 9/16'' stub (right)
For Part 2:
Size of filter paper: 1 7/16'' (36.51mm)
- Biologically Inactive Ink indicating the 4 broken circles at ½'' internal diameter, Lot No., and Shelf-life of filter paper (3 years from manufactured date) at 27mm.
- Sample ID Portion indicating “This space is for NSC use only” diagonally printed at a 9.5mm width.
Card Series
To be provided by end-user prior to production

Delivery Terms
1st Delivery: 50% (875,000 pcs) – 2months after receipt of approved Purchase Order
2nd Delivery: 50% (875,000 pcs) – 3 months after 1st delivery
Box Label
Carton/ Box number which include Filter Card Series and Missing Filter Card numbers and Total Count per box/ carton
Soft Copy of the Filter Card Series with corresponding Missing Card information and Total Count of Filter Cards per box
Price is inclusive of VAT

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IHG Trust Fund 142
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Monday, March 20, 2017