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Supply of Various Print Subscriptions (CY 2017)- REBID

Invitation Type: 
To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid
Brief Description: 

AJOT: American Journal of Occupational Therapy, ISSN: 0272-9490 (7x/yr) (PRINT + ONLINE) (Php 34,000.00)
BJOT: British Journal of Occupational Therapy, ISSN: 0308-0226 (Monthly) PRINT + ONLINE (Php 42,000.00)
Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, ISSN: 0008-4174 (5x/yr) PRINT + ONLINE (Php 24,000.00)
IJSLP: International Journal of Speech Language Pathology. ISSN: 1754-9507 (Bi- Monthly) PRINT + ONLINE (Php 88,000.00)
OTJR: Occupational Participation & Health. ISSN: 1539-4492 (Quarterly) PRINT + ONLINE (Php 35,000.00)
Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, ISSN: 0270-3181 (Quarterly) PRINT + ONLINE (Php 125,000.00)
Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, ISSN: 0194-2638 (Quarterly) PRINT + ONLINE (Php 147,000.00)
PTJ: Physical Therapy Journal. ISSN: 0031-9023 (Monthly) PRINT + ONLINE (Php 20,000.00.)
Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. ISSN: 0003-9993 (Monthly) PRINT ONLY (Php 103,000.00)
Clinical Rehabilitation. ISSN: 0269-2155 (Monthly) PRINT ONLY (Php 219,000.00)
LSHSS: Language Speech & Hearing Services in Schools. ISSN: 0161-1461 (Quarterlty) PRINT ONLY (Php 32,000.00)
OTI: Occupational Therapy International. ISSN: 0966-7903 (Quarterly) PRINT ONLY (php 33,000.00)
Pedriatric Physical Therapy. ISSN: 0898-5669 (Quarterly) PRINT ONLY (Php 64,000.00)
Topics in Geriatrics Rehabilitation. ISSN: 0882-7524. (Quarterly) PRINT ONLY (Php 74,000.00)
Topics in language disorders, ISSN: 0271-8294 (Quarterly) PRINT ONLY (Php 75,000.00)
Delivery Period: 30 days
VAT Inclusive

Requesting Unit/Location: 
University Library
Approved Budget: 
Fund Source: 
Library Fund
Contract Duration: 
Closing Date: 
Monday, June 5, 2017