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RFP PUR18-01-0035 Air Freshener, etc. PSD Supply Sec., PGH

Invitation Type: 
To Negotiate
Brief Description: 

600 cans AIR FRESHENER, 280ml 87.84
226 pcs BROOM, soft (tambo), with wood or any rigid material handle, standard size 91.06
2,000 pcs Cleanser, (scouring) powder, 350 grams minimum net weight in canister 21.91
125 pcs DUSTPAN, non-rigid, plastic with detachable handle, office size 27.86
402 cans INSECTICIDE, aerosol type, multi-insect killer, 420grams/600ml per can 128.55
170 pcs MOP HANDLE, screw type, snap-on style, wooden handle, heavy duty 146.76
4,000 packs TISSUE PAPER, toilet, 2-ply, 28gsm, 250 sheets/roll 69.63
93 bots CLEANER, toilet bowl and urinal, 900ml - 1,000ml cap 42.85
26 pouches DETERGENT, powder, all-purpose, 1kg per plastic pouch 38.56
10 containers DISINFECTANT, bleaching solution 104.88
49 cans DISINFECTANT SPRAY, aerosol type, 400-550 grams 124.00
6 cans FURNITURE CLEANER, aerosol, 300ml min/can 89.99
6 bundles RAGS, ALL COTTON, 32 pieces per kilo per bundle 51.19
76 packs SCOURING PAD, 5 pieces per pack 106.05
2 packs TRASHBAG, plastic, gusseted type, transparent, 10pcs per roll/pack 144.08
92 pcs WASTE BASKET, plastic, non-rigid, office size 25.71

Requesting Unit/Location: 
Supply Sec., PSD PGH
Approved Budget: 
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Contract Duration: 
For the purpose of standardization of quotations, the Official/Original Request for Quotation which you are to secure at Purchasing Office, Philippine General Hospital will prevail over all kinds and forms of quotations. Bring your copy of Certificate of Registration issued by PHILGEPS. For other queries, please call Tel. No. (02)554-8400 local 3024 c/o Mr. Arnel Mendoza.
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Closing Date: 
Tuesday, February 13, 2018