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RFP PUR19-05-0532 BP Apparatus, etc.- S.A.G.I.P. Unit, PGH

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To Negotiate
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Unit Cost Description

8,000.00 BP Apparatus, adult, digital
5,000.00 BP Apparatus, pediatric
8,000.00 Emergency tackle box, storage box, w/ handle
9,000.00 Laryngoscope, intubation set
9,000.00 Stethocope, adult
7,000.00 Stethocope, pedia
4,000.00 thermometer, digital, non contact infrared LCD
10,000.00 Weighing scale, adult

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Contract Duration: 
Single bid
For the purpose of standardization of quotations, the Official/Original Request for Quotation/Proposal which can be downloaded here under "associated components" will prevail over all kinds and forms of quotations. Bring your copy of Certificate of Registration issued by PHILGEPS and updated Tax Clearance at Purchasing Office, PGH. It will be appreciated if you can submit your quotation in the Purchasing office, PGH Compound, Taft Ave., Manila not later than 3:00 pm on 4 June 2019 at which time the said quotations will be opened. For further inquiries, please contact Mr. Philip Pacifico at 554-8400 loc 3023.
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Closing Date: 
Tuesday, June 4, 2019