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Request for quotation for PR 7736_Various Laboratory Equipment

Invitation Type: 
To Submit Quotation
Small Value (Goods)
Brief Description: 

1 unit Single Channel Finpipette (Range: 1-10uL)
1 Unit Single Channel Finpipette (Range: 10-100uL)
1 unit Single Channel Finpipette (Range: 100-1000uL)
1 unit Pipette Holder
1 unit Refrigerated Centrifuge ( with rotor/ bucket and adapter)
1 unit Vortex Mixer
1 unit Multiblock heater

Requesting Unit/Location: 
Institute of Human Genetics
Approved Budget: 
Fund Source: 
Trust Fund
Contract Duration: 
Please submit your sealed quotation (ORIGINAL SIGNED) to UP Manila Internal Audit Office, 8th Flr., Central Block Bldg., Philippine General Hospital Taft Avenue, Mla. (ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE IS INVALID)
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Closing Date: 
Thursday, July 18, 2019