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SVP PUR19-07-0751 Procurement of Drugs- Silver sulfadiazine cream, etc. Pharmacy Dept.

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To Submit Quotation
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Purchase Request No: PUR19-07-0751

The Philippine General Hospital hereby informs the public that it will be procuring the following item/s through Small Value Procurement:
1 200 pcs Silver sulfadiazine cream 1% 25g tube P 290.00/pc
2 900 pcs Calcitriol 0.25mcg cap. P 26.40/pc
4 4000 pcs Phenytoin sodium 100mg capsule P 31.46/pc
5 2000 pcs Furosemide 40mg tab P 2.31/pc
8 200 pc Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablet P 6.75/pc
9 60 pc Tropicamide eye drops soln 0.5% 5ml bot. P 450.00/pc
10 900 pc Cefotaxime sodium 500mg vl + 2ml diluent P 52.12/pc
11 650 pc Enoxaparin sodium 100mg/ml, 0.2ml pre-filled syringe P 442.20/pc
12 300 pcs Azithromycin dihydrate 500mg powder vial P 518.75/pc
13 60 pcs Fondaparinux sodium 2.5mg/0.5ml PFS P 1,120.00/pc
15 12 pcs Loratadine 5mg/5ml syrup, 30ml P 72.00/pc
16 20 pcs Oxcarbamazepine 60mg/ml 100ml oral suspension P 651.31/pc

Submit your quotation duly signed by you or your duly authorized representative with the following eligibility requirements on a sealed envelope not later than 10 Oct 2019 ; 3:00 PM.

I. Certified Photocopies of:
a. 2019 Mayor’s/Business Permit or its Equivalent Document
b. Latest Annual Income Tax Return;
c. PhilGEPS Registration Certificate;

II. Original Copy of:
d. Request for Proposal Form
e. Notarized Omnibus Sworn Statement
Request for proposal & eligibility requirements must be delivered to the address below on or before the specified closing date and time.

It will be appreciated if you can submit your quotation in the Bids & Awards Committee 1 office, PGH Compound, Taft Ave., Manila not later than 3:00 pm on 10 Oct 2019 at which time the said quotations will be opened.

For further inquiries, please contact Ms.Agnes Lumbis at 554-8400 loc 3022.

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Pharmacy Dept.
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single bid
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Closing Date: 
Thursday, October 10, 2019