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PR 10809 - Various Laboratory Supplies

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To Submit Quotation
Small Value (Goods)
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5 case Vacuum Filter/Storage Bottle System, 1000 mL 0.22 µm Pore 54.5cm² Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane, Sterile, Case of 12s
4 pack Plastic Disposable Transfer Pipets, Non-sterile, 3mL, PE (Polyethylene), Pack of 500
6 pack Transfer Pipets, 3 ml, Sterile, Disposable, Polyethylene, Molded graduations up to 3.0 ml, Approx 16 cm, Pack of 500
6 pack Pipette Tip, 1-200 µl, Yellow, RNAse/DNAse free, Non-pyrogenic, pack of 1000s
2 box Scalpel, Sterile (gamma irradiation), disposable scalpel features heat-treated stainless steel no. 23 blade securely integrated with rigid, chemically resistant Acrylonitrile Styrene with plastic handle (20 pcs / box)
4 case Centrifuge Tube, 15 ml, Polypropylene, Conical Bottom, 17.0 X120 mm, With Blue Screw Cap, Graduated, With Writing Area, Sterile, Case of 500s

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Institute of Human Genetics
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Fund Source: 
Trust Fund
Contract Duration: 
30 days
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Friday, October 2, 2020