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To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid
Brief Description: 

The project shall cover the design and construction of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Building. The project site of approximately 3,750 square meters is within the University of the Philippines (UP) Manila campus. The gross building area is approximately 34,400 square meters and the project is to be delivered as a complete core and shell structure including mechanical systems for the future fit-out of approximately 9,400 square meters of shell space that will include laboratories and vivarium.

The plans and designs shall be in accordance with the UP-approved Schematic Design Plans and the General Site Development and Building Design Specifications as prescribed in the Terms of Reference (TOR) and Bid Documents.

The site shall be developed to accommodate a high-rise structure with approximately 15 levels including auditorium and conference center, offices, research laboratories, clinical laboratories, and animal care and use areas. There will be a mechanical penthouse and parking for at least 140-vehicles. The building shall comply with the latest adopted amendments of the National Building Code of the Philippines and regulations for life safety and sustainable design.

Approved Budget: 
Fund Source: 
GAA FY 2013 (R.A. 10352)
Major Project: 
PDF icon UP Manila - INVITATION TO REBID [NIH BLDG].pdf332.66 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH PBD 00650 Specifications.pdf92.03 KB
PDF icon 2013 10 21 NIH_PBD Annex 4 - Checklist of Documents.pdf184.33 KB
PDF icon 2013 1031 NIH PBD 00010 Table of Contents.pdf310.55 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00001 Main Cover Page.pdf60.28 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00100 Invitation to Bid.pdf144.69 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00200 Instructions to Bidders.pdf274.25 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00250 Affidavit of Site Inspection.pdf117.66 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00300 Bid Data Sheet.pdf153.77 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00400 Bid Proposal Form.pdf133.74 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00420 Omnibus Sworn Statement.pdf142.74 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00490 Subcontractor Listing.pdf122.77 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00500 Form of Contract Agreement.pdf166.07 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00620 Design Eligibility Requirements.pdf157.05 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00630 Design Parameters.pdf266.98 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00700 General Conditions of Contract.pdf320.29 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD 00800 Special Conditions of Contract.pdf182.53 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD Annex 1 - Form 1 Letter of Intent.pdf88.87 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD Annex 2 - Form 2 Information on Bidding Form.pdf105.63 KB
PDF icon FINAL_PBD Annex 3 - Form 3 Relevant Experience.pdf110.04 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_01 Div Gen Req.pdf841.67 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_02 Div Sitework.pdf528.34 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_03 Div Concrete.pdf91.8 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_04 Div Masonry.pdf65.89 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_05 Div Metals.pdf210.98 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_06 Div Wood Plastics.pdf67.94 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_07 Div Thermal Moisture.pdf420.21 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_08 Div Doors Windows.pdf4.37 MB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_09 Div Finishes.pdf317.86 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_10 Div Specialties.pdf190.76 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_11 Div Equipment.pdf471.77 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_12 Div Furnishings.pdf275.69 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_13 Div Special Construction.pdf1.35 MB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_14 Conveying Equipment_rev.pdf334.72 KB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_15 Div Mechanical.pdf2.19 MB
PDF icon 2013 09 30 NIH_16 Div Electrical rev1.pdf1.03 MB
PDF icon Set 1_01 Fully Fit or Shell - LB.pdf202.26 KB
PDF icon Set 1_02 Fully Fit or Shell - UB.pdf204.56 KB
PDF icon Set 1_03 Fully Fit or Shell - GF.pdf457.48 KB
PDF icon Set 1_04 Fully Fit or Shell - 2F.pdf389.4 KB
PDF icon Set 1_05 Fully Fit or Shell - 3F.pdf356.59 KB
PDF icon Set 1_06 Fully Fit or Shell - 4F.pdf370.87 KB
PDF icon Set 1_07 Fully Fit or Shell - 5F.pdf324.57 KB
PDF icon Set 1_08 Fully Fit or Shell - 6F.pdf370.14 KB
PDF icon Set 1_09 Fully Fit or Shell - 7F.pdf620.43 KB
PDF icon Set 1_10 Fully Fit or Shell - 8F.pdf312.03 KB
PDF icon Set 1_11 Fully Fit or Shell - 9F.pdf287.45 KB
PDF icon Set 1_12 Fully Fit or Shell - 10F revised 2013 10 21.pdf198.67 KB
PDF icon Set 1_13 Fully Fit or Shell - 11F revised 2013 10 21.pdf201.09 KB
PDF icon Set 1_14 Fully Fit or Shell - 12F revised 2013 10 21.pdf300.37 KB
PDF icon Set 1_15 Fully Fit or Shell - 14F.pdf179.52 KB
Image icon 1A-Set 2 drawing.jpg618.13 KB
Image icon 1B-Set 2 drawing.jpg727.78 KB
Image icon 1C-Set 2 drawing.jpg475.59 KB
Image icon 1D-Set 2 drawing.jpg728.87 KB
Image icon 1E-Set 2 drawing.jpg714.72 KB
Image icon 2A-Set 2 drawing.jpg592.72 KB
Image icon 2B-Set 2 drawing.jpg742.09 KB
Image icon 2C-Set 2 drawing.jpg454.63 KB
Image icon 2D-Set 2 drawing.jpg708.02 KB
Image icon 2E-Set 2 drawing.jpg700.48 KB
PDF icon Set 3_MEP Spatial Requirements 131010.pdf7.84 MB
PDF icon IMBB.pdf67.84 KB
PDF icon Inst of Herbal Medicine.pdf38.4 KB
PDF icon Inst of Human Genetics.pdf366.1 KB
PDF icon Inst of Opthalmology.pdf55.1 KB
PDF icon Institute of Aging.pdf293.63 KB
PDF icon Phil National Ear Institute.pdf52 KB
PDF icon Atmnt G_Soil Investigation Report.pdf7.78 MB