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Small Value Invitations

Project Invitation Type Duration Period Post date File
Various office equipment_PR 13967 To Submit Quotation 2021-09-28 File
Various IT and Office Equipment_PR 13722 To Submit Quotation 2021-09-28 File
Supply of Temperature Data Logger and Ultra-low temperature data logger_PR 14896 To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid 2021-09-28 File
Various office supplies _PR 14921 To Submit Quotation 2021-09-28 File
Supply of Bovine Serum Albumin_PR 14960 To Submit Quotation 2021-09-28 File
PROPOSED GROUND FLOOR VENTILATION SYSTEM FOR FACE TO FACE CLASSES Salcedo Hall, College of Medicine... To Submit Quotation 2021-09-23 File, File, File
CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE FOR 78KVA CUMMINS GENSET AT IMS BUILDING Information Management Service... To Submit Quotation 2021-09-23 File, File, File
PR 14801 : Supply & Delivery of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPM-IMS) To Submit Quotation Delivery Period: minimum of 7 calendar days 2021-09-10 File, File
PR 14898 : Supply & Delivery of 65pcs Solid State Disk (UPM-IMS) To Submit Quotation Delivery must be made a minimum of seven (7) days 2021-09-08 File, File
Printing of Diploma with holder & TOR Jackets To Submit Quotation Minimum 25 calendar days; Must be delivered on or before November 15, 2021 2021-09-01 File, File
PR 14654_Supply of Nitrile or Latex Gloves To Submit Quotation 30 days 2021-08-23 File
PR 14191 To Submit Quotation 2021-08-13 File, File
PR 14010 : 1 Year Preventive Maintenance for the UPM Security Surveillance System To Submit Quotation ONE (1) YEAR 2021-08-12 File, File
PR 14062 : Supply & Delivery of COVID Items (Surgical Masks & Disinfectant Spray) - for UPM... To Submit Quotation minimum 15 calendar days 2021-07-15 File, File
PR 14010 : Supply & Delivery of Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lights, & Signages (for SHS-... To Submit Quotation maximm 14 calendar days upon acceptance of the PO 2021-07-02 File, File
PR 13499 : Supply & Delivery of Various Common Use Supplies (for UPM CAD use) To Submit Quotation 30 Calendar Days 2021-06-18 File
PR 13579 : Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance for Passenger Elevator Unit within UP Manila To Submit Quotation ONE (1) YEAR 2021-05-19 File
Supply & Delivery of Resin Trophy (for UPM Retiree Recognition) To Submit Quotation must be delivered not later than May 30, 2021 2021-05-05 File, File, File
PR 13255B : Supply & Delivery of Exhaust Fans - Ceiling Cassette & Wall Mounted Propeller To Submit Quotation 20 calendar days 2021-04-07 File, File
PR #13352 : 2 Laptops (for UPM Museum) To Submit Quotation 7 Calendar Days 2021-03-19 File, File, File