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Newborn Screening Blood Collection Cards with Customized Printed Form

Invitation Type: 
To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid
Brief Description: 

Quantity – 1,500,000 pcs
– strong adhesive part/ non-detachable filter paper.
-Must be a CDC recommended paper for neonatal screening.
-Product Manufactured under good manufacturing practice (GMP)
-Provision of barcode; barcode can adapt NSC-NIH barcode system.
Format – One form with Two (2) parts.
-Overall Height Size - 4” (101.6mm)
-Overall Weight Size – 9 1/8” (213.8)
Part 1 – Printed Card in series (to be provided by end-user prior to production)
Part 2 – Filter paper with lot number, expiry date.
Paper Type:
Part 1 – Ahistrom 226 or equivalent, FDA approved and CDC Review.
Part 2 – 100% pure cotton fibers with no additives; PH: 5.7-7.5; ash content 0.1% max, Nominal basis weight: 179gsm
Specific Layout and Inclusions:
For Part 1 – Size of printed card at 8 1/16 (204.79 mm).
• Front:
- 0.37” (9.5mm) width adhesive part to hold the filter paper.
- 2 sets of barcode and serial number with 1 set printed on 9/16” detachable stub with adhesive backing.
- With CCHD and Newborn Hearing Screening portion on the lower right portion of the data card.
• Back:
- 1 set barcode and serial number printed diagonally on 0.37” (9.7mm) width at the leftmost part of the card, overlapping with the filter paper part. Perforated/detachable with adhesive part to hold the filter paper.
- Contains instruction for heel prick and specimen collection.
- Adhesive backing for a 9/16” stub (right)
- With form number FO-FCDL-01.
For Part 2 – Size of filter paper: 1 7/16” (36.51mm)
• Front
- Biologically inactive Ink Indicating the 4 broken circles at “1.5cm” internal diameter (which can hold 50ul of blood), Lot No., and Shelf Life of filter paper (3years from manufactured date) at 27mm.
- Sample ID Portion indicating “The space is for NSC use only” diagonally printed at 9.5mm width.
Card Series – to provided by end-users prior to production.
Delivery Terms:
- 1st Delivery: 50% (750,000pcs) – 2months after receipt of approved Purchased Order
- 2nd Delivery: 50% (750,000pcs) – 2 months after 1 delivery.
Box Label
- Carton/box number which include Filter Card Series and Missing Filter Card number and Total Count per box/ carton arranged accordingly upon delivery to End-user’s Stock Area.
- Soft copy of the Filter Card Series with corresponding Missing Card information and Total Count of Filter Cards per box ( Supplier must Follow IHG Format for Audit Purposes)

Requesting Unit/Location: 
Approved Budget: 
Contract Duration: 
2 Months
Pre-Bid is on March 01,2021 will be conducted via zoom interested Bidder should send the BAC3 Secretariat the name and email address of authorized representative who should be given access to join.
Closing Date: 
Monday, March 15, 2021