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PR #12959 : Fire Extinguishers (for UPM Dormitory Building)

Invitation Type: 
To Submit Quotation
Small Value (Goods)
Brief Description: 

PR #12959 : 75 units of Fire Extinguisher (for UPM Dormitory Building)

Requesting Unit/Location: 
Approved Budget: 
Fund Source: 
Reprogrammed Funds
Contract Duration: 
15 calendar days
Please quote at your government price inclusive of VAT and state the time within which you can make delivery. It will be appreciated if we can have your sealed quotation duly signed by your representative at the UPM INTERNAL AUDIT OFFICE now holding office at the UPM DORMITORY BUILDING, Pedro Gil, Ermita, Manila not later than 12:00 PM, 24 FEBRUARY 2021.
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, February 24, 2021