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Supply of Planetary Book Scanner

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To Apply for Eligibility and to Bid
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Supply of Planetary Book Scanner.

CCD camera, scans in color, B&W, grayscale; Scan
Area: 460x620mm/18x24”; Scan resolution: 600x600dpi; package with scanning software; compatible to windows and MacOS; warranty 1yr on parts & labor; with Operation Manual

Scan Speed: DIN A2+@600dpi->with at least 7 sec.

Camera; 22,500 pixels CCD
Color Depth: 36 bit color / 12 bit grayscale
Scan output: 24 bit color, 8 bits grayscale bitonal, enhanced halftone, File formats: PDF, JPEG, PNM, TIFF
Interface: 1Gbit fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based Scan2Net Interface
Glass Plate
Post can processing, page splitting, multi-masking, Image enhancement included,
Electronic endorser to impring digital watermark,
Web publisher

Delivery Period: 60-90 Calendar Days
Warranty: 5years on Parts and Services
VAT Inclusive

• Please see attached Terms and Conditions (page 23)

Requesting Unit/Location: 
University Library
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Contract Duration: 
60-90 Calendar Days
Pre-Bid Conference will be conducted on 29 March 2021, 01:30PM via zoom interested Bidder should to send the BAC3 Secretariat the name and email address of authorized representative who should be given access to join.
Closing Date: 
Monday, April 12, 2021