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Supply of Crossover Utility Vehicle

Invitation Type: 
To Negotiate
Brief Description: 

11 May 2021

The University of the Philippines Manila through its Bids and Awards Committee 3 will be undertaking procurement, through Alternative Mode (Negotiation: After Two Failed Biddings) Section 53.1 of 2016 Revised IRR of RA 9184, for the hereunder project:

Name of Project : Supply of Crossover Utility Vehicles
Central Administration, University of the Philippines Manila.
Location : University of the Philippines Manila, Taft Avenue, Manila
Approved Budget Contract : Three Million Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (PhP3,300,000.00
Purchase Request No./Fund Source : PR No. 10654 Fund Source: UPM-SEF

The schedule of negotiation is as follows:
Activities Target Date Venue
1. Meeting with the prospective suppliers for the negotiation 2:30 pm 17 May 2021
(Monday) Via Zoom
2. Submission and Opening of Proposal/
Best Offer Not later than 1:00 PM, 24 May 2021 (Monday) Via Zoom

The University of the Philippines Manila through its Bids and Awards Committee 3 will be undertaking procurement, through Alternative Mode (Negotiated: Scientific and other Services) Section 53.6 of 2016 Revised IRR of RA 9184, for the hereunder project:

Eligible suppliers of the above enumerated items are invited to submit their best offers on or before Monday, 24 May 2021 at 11:30AM Sealed quotations (original and two additional copies placed and sealed in a mother envelope) should be physically dropped at the Office of the Internal Audit, UP Manila located at the 4th Floor of UP Manila Dormitory, (Pedro Gil side of UP Manila Campus).

If the sealed quotation is to be submitted through a courier service, the supplier should clearly instruct the courier rider/delivery personnel that they must submit to the safety protocol and other pertinent guidelines being implemented by the University (e.g. signing logbooks, registration requirement and subject themselves to temperature check, etc).

Quotations will be opened at 1:30 PM, same day via zoom. Participating bidders are invited to witness the opening. Please send the name of the authorized representatives and their email addresses to whom the zoom link will be sent to

Your signed quotations should include the following documents:
1. Valid Mayor's/ Business Permit
2. Valid PhilGEPS Certificate with Annex A
3. 2019 Income/ Business Tax Return,
4. Omnibus Sworn Statement and Secretary’s Signing Authority (in case of corporation) – standard GPPB format attached
5. Brochures/pictures/service manuals/catalogue
6. Tax Clearance Certificate

Quoted price should be tax-inclusive.

Sealed envelopes containing quotations and the required documents listed above should be labelled as follows:

• 1st Duplicate Copy and 2nd Duplicate Copy – pls indicate in the other two
Envelopes. The envelopes containing the original, 1st duplicate and
2nd duplicate copies should be placed and sealed in one mother envelope.

Additional queries and clarifications should be sent to the BAC3 Secretariat at Procurement Office, 4th Floor, UP Manila Student Dormitory, Pedro Gil Street, Manila Tel. No. 8814-1223 or through email address: at least 2 days before the deadline of dropping of quotations.

Requesting Unit/Location: 
Procurement Office
Approved Budget: 
Fund Source: 
Contract Duration: 
5-10 Calendar Days
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1.Size :Seating Capacity: 8 2.Fuel: Gas 3.Engine: Engine Type: 4-cylinder Engine Displacement (cc) : 20 Fuel Capacity (L): 55 4.Transmission: Power Transmission: 5-speed M/T Front Brake/Rear Brake: Ventilated Discs/Leading-Trailing Drum Wheels (size) R16 TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Inclusive of LTO Car Registration for 3 years, government vehicle (red plate) 2. Printed signage “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY” on right and left sides 3. Car premium insurance for 1 year 4. Car tint, matting, seat cover 5. Delivery period: Five (5) to ten (10) working days upon receipt of approved Purchase Order and Notice to Proceed. 6. Delivery place: University of the Philippines Manila campus (exact place to be identified before the delivery date). 7. Warranty period: 3 years or 100,000 kms. whichever comes first which shall commence from the date of acceptance of the end-user after installation, testing and commissioning 8. Free regular quarterly preventive/periodic maintenance during the warranty period
Closing Date: 
Monday, May 24, 2021